10 Reasons Why You Should Hire a PPC Management Company

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Advantages to Hiring a PPC Expert

Learn how a PPC management agency can improve your ROI, get more leads and lower PPC advertising costs

PPC management services can make your life easier and more profitable. Are you a small to mid-sized business owner, looking for a competitive edge in paid search advertising? Do you struggle to keep abreast of Google Adwords best practices? Are you unsure about using paid search ads on Bing, LinkedIn and Facebook? Hiring a PPC management company is the most practical and cost-effective solution for how to improve your paid search advertising results.

We are all quite familiar with the adage: the only constant is change — and Google’s seemingly ever-evolving dashboard and tools certainly keep the sand shifting. To keep your business competitive, and to keep up with Google AdWords as well as Bing Ads, best practices is an absolute must when it comes to affecting premium results from pay per click/PPC advertising.

You may try to do it yourself, but the effort is almost like patting your head and rubbing your stomach at the same time: challenging! You either want to rub or pat, but not both. There is no need to feel frustrated, however: a third party can do the job so much more successfully for you. That is, an agency can manage your pay per click/PPC advertising, not the rubbing and patting.

Pay-per-click management companies have acute industry awareness that can be used to help your company achieve the best return on investment/RIO possible. Indeed, there are distinct advantages to hiring a paid search ad agency to undertake the task, and compelling reasons why you should do so.

Consider the following 10 reasons why you should hire a PPC management company:

1) It Requires Exceptional Skills and Experience to be Competitive
You might be tempted to do it yourself and, even though you are the type who has a can-do attitude and loves a challenge, you would quickly find that PPC advertising requires a great deal of knowledge, and a set of skills that is unique to the enterprise. It takes years of practical experience to gain the knowledge necessary for successful PPC management.

It is far more cost-effective to employ an expert. Doing it yourself could entail a costly learning curve. The technical intricacies involved could outfox even the wiliest marketing veteran. Why give yourself the added stress? When you leave it to the experts, you can put all your energies into building your business, providing exceptional customer service and handling day-to-day administrative tasks.

2) PPC Set-up has a Massive Impact on your ROI
It is a truism: better foundations lead to better results. If you would not build your house on shaky ground, why do so with your PPC advertising? If your PPC advertising does not have a solid foundation and is not created with a clear and focused strategy, it will certainly miss the fine points of settings — giving you a poor return on investment/ROI. Can you take that risk? A PPC manager has the tools, resources and experience needed to optimize your PPC set-up. He or she knows how to build links, optimize pages and use Google AdWord extensions — just to name a few.

3) You will Benefit from the Agent’s Intelligence on Rival PPC Advertising
In war, the maxim is: know your enemy! A professional PPC agency possesses specialized software and data-mining capabilities to glean detailed information about your competitors’ ad campaigns. When you are battling for market share, knowledge of the better performing aspects of your rivals’ PPC advertising gives you the distinct advantage.

Additionally, your PPC manager may have undertaken work for rival businesses, and may very well possess competitive knowledge that is directly applicable to your advertising account, thus saving you a great deal of money.

4) Keyword Research and Clustering is Highly Complex
Keywords/search phrases provide the basis of all PPC advertising campaigns. It could drive you to distraction trying to determine the best keywords from a list of thousands of possible terms. However, a PPC management company has the skills and tools to determine user intent and the grouping of like terms, thus getting the job done easily and efficiently, and without ruffling a hair on your head. Say you like the sound of that!

5) There is More to Creating Ad Copy than Simply Writing Words
When it comes to Google AdWords, the best pay-per-click ads generate superior click-through rates/CTR. A PPC manager has the expertise to sort the wheat from the chaff and produce the most appropriate and winning copy.

Why run the risk of producing bad copy by doing it yourself if you lack the skills? You would probably waste a lot of money while doing very little for your click-through rate. A PPC management company will make sure every word count, and will help you achieve higher quality scores. That will lower the costs per conversion/CPC while helping to improve your ad position. It is definitely a win-win proposition!

6) PPC Budget Management Requires Major Time Commitment
Keyword bid amounts vary widely, meaning you could very well spend many hours of your day/week just to manage your budget. Additionally, the complexity of the various types of campaigns, PPC advertising platforms and the competitive dynamics can increase the claim on your time exponentially. Can you really spare the time, given all the other business-related tasks that you have to undertake? It would be far more cost- and time-effective to use a PPC management company.

7) You Will have to Create Landing Pages and Squeeze Pages
Landing pages and squeeze pages can dramatically affect the rate of conversion. PPC experts use a technique known as A/B testing, which compares a variety of landing pages so as to greatly increase conversion rates.

When people visit your website via search engines such as Google or Bing, or a social media link, for example, they typically reach a landing page as opposed to your home page. As such, you should use a PPC management agency that has in-house capabilities to create high-converting landing and squeeze pages for your website.

8) Avoiding Unwanted Clicks Saves You Money
Unwanted clicks can cause your PPC budget to skyrocket. Expert monitoring is needed to check for click fraud or web robot activity. It is imperative to keep a close eye on log files and stats so as to minimize or eliminate the risk of click fraud. Were you aware that there are settings, tactics and strategies that they can use to reduce or stop unwanted clicks, saving you money in the process? If you lack the technical expertise to do so, you should enlist the services of a PPC management company.

9) An Understanding of Analytics is Vital for Continued Improvements
Analytics provide performance snapshots that are utilized in ways that make positive and continued improvements and changes.

Is your understanding of analytics in-depth, or it is simply basic? Can you tell the difference between Views, Impressions and Clicks? Is your advertising vocabulary limited to PPC, or does it extend to CPA, CPC and CPM? If your answers have been mainly in the “No” category, there is no need for you to panic.

When you hire a PPC management company, they will monitor the performance metrics for your advertising. Your PPC manager will be able to provide you with detailed reports as well as answers to all your questions — even the ones about advertising terminology. Indeed, take the opportunity to ask your PPC manager about retargeting, geo targeting, and partner networking. You will be amazed by all the possibilities to dial-in your paid search advertising!

10) Reap the Benefit of Direct Support from Google
Good PPC management companies have direct access to Google AdWords support teams. Agencies that are part of the Google Partner program are given the inside track to deliver superior PPC management results.

There is also an assurance that comes from using a paid search advertising agency that belongs to the Google Partner program: they keep abreast of PPC Best Practices! Agency members have to take examinations in Mobile Advertising and AdWords Fundamentals. In addition, partner agencies have access to free training sessions so as to be informed about current and evolving PPC strategies and practices. There definitely is no substitution for being able to place a call directly to Google for PPC support.

In conclusion: if you want the best ROI from paid search advertising, top-notch PPC landing page design, optimal click-through rates (CTR), tight budget management, and a sound return on investment — as well as peace of mind — hire an established PPC management company today!

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