Cleaning Hijacked Google Search Results

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Content Injection Spam Problems

The use of content injection spam techniques is an all too common problem for site managers. This form of hacking can afflict any type of site including html, WordPress and others. Most site owners never realize their site has been hacked until they see their site “labeled” on a Google search result page. The affected site will show with a simple text line that reads “This site may be hacked”. Obviously this warning can have a very detrimental impact on click-through numbers, and can harm your organic ranking.

Google Warning - This Site May Be Hacked

The reason hackers do this is very simple – money. They are able to add some code which replaces legitimate information about your site with bad information. The bad information is intended to drive traffic to their customers sites. The hackers get paid to divert (steal) traffic.

Content injection hacking problems do not go away without deliberate action to remove the malicious code. In fact, the problem will only get worse. In the first half of 2016 the website developers at E-Platform Marketing have identified and rectified hacking problems on over 12 websites. Three of the content injection situations were so extreme the sites had to be totally rebuilt.

An Article by Luke Leal, Sucuri Security Analyst

Luke Leal, a security analyst at Sucuri, has written an article that WordPress site managers should read. The article provides exceptionally good information on how to clean up spammy Google search results after your site has been hacked.

“Blackhat SEO spam comes in many forms, and one of the most nefarious is hijacked search results. This happens when search engines crawl and display unwanted content in the title and description of infected web pages. The negative impact to the infected website cannot be understated. This harms the website’s reputation with visitors and will lead to a warning on the search engine results page (SERP) claiming This Site May Be Hacked. This warning will undoubtedly lower your incoming traffic by a significant amount and affect your ranking position if nothing is done about it.” Read full article >>

Services for Site Security Concerns & Breaches

E-Platform Marketing can help you with hardening website security, and cleaning hacked websites.

What You Should Do to Protect Your Site

  • Check your Website’s Health. Get a security assessment to identify problems and risks.
  • Implement Security Measures. Hire a developer to harden your site and server access.
  • Monitor and Measure. Watch for any signs of hacking and actively manage your website.

Learn more about protecting your website. Simply send us a message online or call our office during normal business hours.

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