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  • October 29, 2012
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Google SEO Optimization Best Practices

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As with your website design, sometimes you may find that your search engine optimization efforts are a bit stale and need to be refreshed. It’s very common for a site owner to become complacent in their internet marketing and fall to a sub-par maintenance level. This SEO malaise is the root cause of a slow degeneration of ranking results. Periodically you should make a thorough assessment of your site, its rankings, and its visibility trend.

Think outside the box! Most people think of developing a SEO strategy for only achieving high organic ranking. Obviously high ranking is a perfectly fine objective but applying deeper thoughts will improve SEO results. Our company balances search engine serving practices with end-user serving practices.

Your SEO Strategy in 2013

To assure that your site is inoculated against algorithm drives or manual actions that harm your rankings you should look at your site as if it is brand new. Complete a top to bottom assessment of what has been done, to what degree and critique that against current best SEO practices.

How Do You Know Your Is Ranked Where It Matters?

Periodically completing comprehensive keyword research is critical. When you have current factual information in-hand you will know the search terms that will yield higher quality leads and generate more site traffic. This companion piece is to run a ranking report for your website to identify specific terms and ranking positions that your site has earned. A quick comparison of the two data sets will bring to light missed ranking opportunities. You need to always know that your site is ranked where it matters. Often this means being ranked for search terms that you did not consider.

Have You Checked Your Competitors Rankings?

It’s highly probable that your top online competitors undertake SEO research and craft their efforts to maximize results. Some online competitors are very smart in their SEO work while others are quite the opposite. Either way, take some time to learn from your competitors. When gathering competitive intelligence you are likely to identify some bad practices but can often make a valuable discovery. Data extractions for competitor rankings might lead you to new market opportunities, a new perspective on search phrase pursuits, and will definitely let you see where they believe they will find success online.

Use SEO with PPC Advertising

It is a known fact that combining SEO with PPC can yield marginal increases in leads generated. Using PPC in conjunction with SEO is most effective when there is a real strategy and not just a mirrored approach. Using PPC with SEO is a good strategy to:

  • Double down on very high traffic keywords
  • Quickly obtain a presence where earning organic ranking may take a while
  • Maximize your online presence during peak demand periods
  • To directly counter competitor PPC advertising
  • Maintain a presence for low traffic search terms not worthy of SEO efforts (costs)

Avoid Controllable Harm To Your Rankings

When you do a historical SEO review and do a critical analysis of you site code you may find things that are now SEO no-no’s, find things that are very close to being harmful, and find that many new SEO elements are missing. Unless you have hired a really good SEO company your site probably lacks open graph tags, geo tags and schema data such as rich snippets. Your site may very well have spammy alt tags or title attributes. It’s a near certainty that your site’s page titles, descriptions and keyword tags (if you use them) are not in compliance with current best practices.

Best SEO practices are discussed in detail on many other articles on our blog. We encourage you to read these articles, and feel free to leave a comment if you have a request for an article on any search engine optimization topic.

Improving your Google SEO in 2013 should be on your Top 10 list of first quarter tasks. Taking action now can prevent devastating ranking losses and probably improve your search engine rankings. In the current depressed economy you can’t afford to miss any leads or lose any sales. Therefore it is very important for you to study any good Google SEO guide and find the Google SEO tips that can help your business.

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