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Parallel Trackimng in Google Adwords

Google Parallel Tracking for AdWords

Adwords (Google Ads) Parallel Tracking Parallel Tracking is Google's latest technique to improve page load times. This time the focus…
Google Serp Format 2018

Google SERP Format Changes 2018

Google SERP Format Changes in 2018 Google has made a lot of changes recently, including rolling out many SERP formats…
GDPR - General Data Protection Regulation

GDPR Compliant Websites

GDPR Compliant Websites Are you wondering how to make your website GDPR compliant? E-Platform Marketing is an Atlanta digital marketing…
How to Stop Referrer Spam and Block Hackers Using HTACCESS File Permissions

How to Stop Referrer Spam and Block Hackers Using Your htaccess File

Protect Your Analytics and Ranking By Blocking Harmful Traffic You need to pay close attention to securing your hosting and…