Online Review Management

Online Review Management Services

Do you want to get more and better online reviews. Do you need to improve your average star ratings? This page introduces the optimal solution for online review management.

What is Online Review Management

Online review management refers to the types of software and services. The best online review management method is to utilize a proprietary system that includes a robust user dashboard. These platforms are available on a subscription basis, which provides an affordable way to manage reviews and ratings.

Leveraging reviews on your website can improve optimization, user time on your website and conversions rates. Utilizing a review management platform allows you to gather reviews from multiple sources. A well-developed dashboard enables engagement with customers that facilitates better reviews and ratings. Online reviews management can play a pivotal role in how to improve local search rankings and organic rankings.

What Does Review Management Software Do?

Online review management software enables companies to maximize the benefits of customer reviews and ratings. The primary benefits from actively managing online reviews include:

  • Improve inquiries and conversions by establishing credibility.
  • Strenghten brand reputation through unbiased customer feedback.
  • Multiple highly effective customer engagement tools.
  • Maximize visibility of reviews on search engines, social media and video platforms.
  • Achieve a competitive advantage with higher ratings than comnpetitors.
  • Promote increased visibility for reviews queries on search engines.
  • Use customer reviews to strengthen optimization of landing pages.
  • Engage customers to solicit valuable feedback to improve your business.
  • Mitigate problems with bad reviews and low ratings on search engines.

Our Recommendation is Shopper Approved

Shopper Approved Partner Agency - Online Review Management ServiceWe are a ShopperApproved Certified Partner, which is a global leader in online review management solutions.

For nearly a decade Shopper Approved has worked to develop an industry-leading platform for online review management. In addition to high-performing software Shopper Approved has built an incredibly large distribution network. Shopper Approved has official distribution agreements with Google, Bing, and Yahoo for online shopping and local business directories. Shopper Approved can influence more potential customers via social media and video marketing platforms.

More Reasons to Use ShopperApproved?

Solutions for a Local Business, Law Firms, Medical Practices and Merchants

Local Business Solutions

Shopper Approved Local offers you the best chance of being found online when a potential customer performs a local search from his/her smartphone, GPS navigation device or tablet.

Merchants and Retailers

Merchant reviews are customer reviews that provide feedback on their shopping experience. Feedback is solicited immediately following a transaction. The collected reviews and ratings are released to be part of search results on Google, Bing, Yahoo, and their distribution network. A remarkable fact is that Shopper Approved collects up to 70x more reviews than competing platforms, and these reviews are higher quality in terms of both content and star ratings.

Proactively Resolve Issues to Prevent Bad Reviews

Shopper Approved offers a unique method of managing customer complaints before bad reviews are posted online. The Customer Care system enables you to engage customers within 30 days to discuss problems and complaints. This tool is extremely valuable for a business with few reviews, where a few bad reviews can sharply drop your overall rating.

It’s Easy to Get Started

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