Bing Ads

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What Is Bing Ads?

How Bing's PPC Platform Work

Bing Ads is a pay per click services offered by Microsoft. Bing Ads display on the Bing search engine and partner sites within the Yahoo! Bing Network.

Bing Ads - paid search advertising on the Bing Yahoo networkThis pay per click advertising platform functions essentially like Google Adwords. In fact, we can import your Google Adwords campaigns to expedite set-up, and insure consistency in your strategy implementation. If you are not using Adwords we will need to go through the normal process of creating a pay per click advertising program. This includes researching and grouping your best PPC keywords. Next you will set bid amounts and create your PPC ads. A neat feature in Bing's paid search advertising platform is that you can use up to 40 characters in your ad title (Google’s limit is 25).

Bing Ads Help

Bing offers tutorials to help you with the process. A very helpful part of advertising on Bing is that you can actually speak with a Bing representative about account issues (if you spend at least $500 per month). To get a glimpse of the support options you can view the Bing Ads Toolbox.

The Yahoo! Bing Network

Advertising on the Yahoo! Bing Network is typically less than you would pay on Google Adwords for a click on the same term. Bing Ads seems to be particularly strong for searches for travel, shopping and health related needs. Prospective advertisers may also be interested in knowing that nearly 60% of Bing users are female.

Bing Ads Pricing

Advertising on the Yahoo-Bing network is typically less than you would pay on Google Adwords for a click on the same terms. You have the ability to set and control your daily budgets. You may turn-on or turn-off your PPC advertising whenever you desire. As with any pay per click service you are charged only when a person clicks on your ad. A typical business spends about $500 to $1,500 per month on click charges.

To learn more about how we can help you with lead generation, you may visit our page on PPC management services.

Bing Ads Campaign Basics

This video, created by Bing, will introduce you to the basic steps to setup a basic PPC campaign. While this is relatively simple, PPC advertising is rarely cost effective unless you understand the many facets and nuances of paid search advertising.