Google Ads Management (AdWords)

We're a full service Google Ads advertising agency. We are practical and strategic in our approach to paid search advertising. We will create and manage PPC campaigns that match your objective and budgets. Our specialist focus on generating quality paid search advertising leads at the lowest reasonable cost.

What Is Google Ads (AdWords)?

Google Ads (Adwords) - Paid Search Advertising on GoogleGoogle Ads (formerly AdWords) is a paid search advertising service that enables you to get your business (website) placed on Google search results pages and advertising partner sites. Google paid search advertising helps you to easily find potential customers looking for your type of products or services.

Google Ads advertising are shown at the top, and sometimes bottom, of search results pages. These ads are often placed above local search listings. Google limits the number of ads that display at any given time. Having an aggressive bid strategy is the tactic to get the most views per day.

How We Manage Google Ads Programs

Our approach is to spend your money as cautiously as if it were our money. We’re very deliberate in our keyword selections and bidding strategies. We work to manage each keyword for a cost per click (CPC) that will yield a positive ROI, and focus on keywords that are more indicative of a desirable user intent. In this manner we focus on the quality of each lead (click) to achieve optimal results for our clients. We offer more services such as remarketing, dynamic search ads, landing page design and integration into Google Analytics.

Why Hire a Google Ads Management Service?

To be truly cost effective Google PPC management requires a lot of time and PPC experience. Your AdWords management company must devote time to PPC competitor research, keyword research, improving ad copy, adjusting bids on each keyword or phrase, analyzing click-through-rates (CTR) and other critical tasks. The best PPC management companies cover the cost of their fees by increasing the ROI for paid search advertising. Increasing the number of PPC leads leads to more sales thereby lowering your cost-per-lead.

What Are Google Ads Management Prices?

The size of your Ads PPC program will determine your PPC management fee. Obviously a complex national Adwords campaign with thousands of keywords requires more agency time and effort than a local Adwords campaign with less than 100 keywords to manage. Adwords Management Prices vary however the following will give you a general idea of our PPC management fees.

  • Small Account Setup: $300* minimum
    Small Account Management: $300/month min. + ad spend (CPC)
  • Mid Level Account Setup: $500 minimum*
    Mid Level Account Management: $1,000/month min. + ad spend (CPC)
  • Enterprise Account Setup: $1,000 minimum*
    Enterprise Account Management: $1,500+/month + ad spend (CPC)

Set-up fees are negotiable depending on length of contract and other variables.

Interested in Google Ads Management Services?

To learn more about how we can help you with lead generation, you may visit our page on PPC management services.

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Why We're a Smart Choice

Our unique advantage is decades of real world business experience. Most Adwords management companies have reasonable PPC knowledge but don't understand street level marketing. We are savvy business people who manage Adwords budgets like it was our money - we're practical and strategic in all that we do.

Our Adwords Management Services Include:

  • PPC Strategy Development
  • PPC Budget Consultations
  • PPC Competitor Research
  • PPC Campaign Architecture
  • PPC Keyword Research
  • Ad Level Keyword Clustering
  • Ad Copy Creation
  • Sitelink Extensions
  • Location Extensions
  • Call Extensions (your phone number)
  • Callout Extension (descriptive teasers)
  • PPC Budget Management
  • Ongoing A-B Ad Testing
  • Google Adwords Remarketing
  • Adwords Mobile Campaigns
  • PPC Landing Page Creation
  • Weekly or Monthly Detail Reports