Website Redesign

A website redesign project plan should be about more than just getting a fresh look. A website redesign process is an opportunity to improve the user experience, search engine rankings and conversions.


Website Redesign Services

When it comes to website redesign options, it comes down to doing it yourself or hiring a website design company. Hiring a web design company is your best option, if you hire a reputable design firm. Since our inception, we have consistently held high ratings for being Atlanta web designers who understand SEO, functional and aesthetic design.

Business owners and managers typically do not have deep understanding of how to create a better website. Consequently they are unable to properly evaluate and compare proposals, thus opting to choose a web design company on price alone. What you need is not a cheap price, but value for what you invest. Value is getting a complete set of services at a reasonable cost. We do that, and go above and beyond to take the project burden off your shoulders.

Most business owners or managers fail to accept the fact that web design is best left to professionals. Too often these people incorrectly assume that they can do it themselves simply because they can "create a site" in SquareSpace, Wix or Intuit. They are unaware of color theory, SEO, Google Business Solutions, user experience and usability standards. Rebuilding a website that ranks well and has satisfactory conversion rates is a strategic process.

Our web redesign proposal

We can provide you with a website redesign proposal for truly professional web design services. Additionally we offer consultations to walk you through our proposal, and acquaint you with the importance of items and tasks we include. We have great references, and outstanding live examples of our work.

Website Redesign Plan

Get started in the right direction! We offer a free website redesign planning guide. Our website redesign plan can help you to plan your website redesign project, and includes important website redesign tips. If you want new site that is an effective marketing tool, contact us to request a redesign proposal.

Website Redesign Process

5 Things You Must Consider

  1. Your new website must be responsive (mobile friendly).
  2. Design for people, and build for search engines.
  3. Update your content and make it high quality content.
  4. Allocate adequate funds, and dedicate proper time.
  5. Make certain you utilize current SEO best practices.

Website Redesign Cost

The cost to redesign a website is typically between $5,000-$12,000. Take time to understand what you are buying - look beyond price and carefully review the scope of work. Operating costs among web designers varies greatly, which skews website redesign proposal prices. The following list will give you an idea of average costs for primary areas that affect pricing.

  • Project Management: Client meetings, planning, and managing records, information flow and personnel can be $800-$3,000.
  • Technical Assets: Domain registration (5 years), SSL security and hosting (3 years): $650-$1,200. Longer registrations and SSL are trust factors in ranking algorithms. SSL and hosting options affect pricing.
  • Website Coding: Coding can be a template, theme or custom hand coded: $1,500-$6,000. Coding must be responsive to be mobile friendly. A theme or template sells for around $50-$75 but requires customization.
  • Content Creation: Copy writing, graphics design, and managing images and video content: $1,500-$5,000. Re-using existing content can save money but it may require updates and revisions. Having your content reviewed and adjusted by SEO experts is strongly advised.
  • Related Services: Adding SSL security (strongly recommended!) requires adjustments in Google Search Console, your htaccess file for redirects, and related tasks: $300-$500. Managing these tasks mitigates big problems with indexing and search engine rankings.