WordPress Website Design

Our Atlanta WordPress designers and developers create exceptional business websites. We can rebuild your existing site with mobile friendly responsive coding, and optimization to improve search engine rankings.

Building a WordPress Website

WordPress is a relatively easy to use application, however this does not mean that you don’t need a lot of knowledge and understanding to do it correctly. The steps of a WordPress website design are:

  1. Domain Name and Hosting: Upgrade your web hosting to WordPress friendly hosting, and manage domain settings. We offer affordable hosting for WordPress.
  2. Install WordPress: Some hosting providers offer one-click installation of WordPress. Otherwise you will need to manually install WordPress.
  3. Manage WordPress Settings: There are over 40 critical parts to manage to get the most out of your WordPress installation. These settings affect security, performance and site access.
  4. Purchase and Upload Your Theme: Your WordPress theme (essentially a template) gives you a huge start on creating your site. There are numerous theme options to manage before you begin truly building your site, ranging from styling, navigation and page layouts.
  5. Install WordPress Plugins: WordPress plugins are elements that provide robust functionality, security and performance. Choosing the most necessary and best plugins is very important. On average you will need 8-12 plugins. There are free plugins and paid plugins such as Visual Composer.
  6. Build Out Your Theme: This is the step where you set site architecture, design page layouts, place content and optimize pages. This step often takes 40-70 hours of meticulous work.
  7. Enhance WordPress Security: Hardening WordPress is an absolute must-do step! If your site is hacked you will experience a lot of costly problems, and maybe lose your entire site.

Other critical parts of WordPress web design

In addition to the steps listed above you need to consider graphics creation, image selection and optimization, keyword research, on-page search engine optimization, adding SSL security, and inevitably some degree of troubleshooting.

After launching your WordPress site

After your WordPress website design is finished and launched you need to think about site maintenance. You must be diligent about updating WordPress, updating plugins, monitoring for brute force attacks and hacking, and making security a regular part of your week.

Get everything you need from us!

As you can see, there is a tremendous amount of skill, expertise and time that goes into making a great WordPress website. We offer a full set of services to create WordPress websites, and offer post-launch services to maintain optimal performance and site security.

WordPress Website Design - customized themes with built-in content management systems (CMS).

What is WordPress

WordPress is an open source publishing platform originally developed for individuals to create blogs for personal expression of thoughts, ideas and opinions. WordPress has evolved into a powerful platform for business websites. WordPress designers can create customized websites with built in content management systems (CMS).

A basic WordPress blog is relatively easy to create. You can buy WordPress website hosting, install the free WordPress application, and use a standard theme to create your site. You do not need special software to create a WordPress website.

Let Us Do the Work!

Upgrading to WordPress

We can rebuild your existing site into a new mobile friendly WordPress website. To have a robust WordPress website for a business you should hire a WordPress web design company. We offer website redesign services to rebuild existing sites into mobile friendly websites, and offer affordable WordPress website maintenance.

Hardening WordPress Security

WordPress is a fantastic platform for high performance business websites. What most people don’t know is that most WordPress websites are extremely vulnerable to hacking. The solution is hardening WordPress and learning best WordPress security practices.