Web Development Services

We offer web development services to improve website performance, reliability and security. We can setup and manage Google Search Console, Tag Manager, and Analytics. We can improve page speed load times, develop Schema markup, build AMP pages, and install WordPress security measures including plugins and firewalls.

Google Business Solutions

Google Business Solutions is a suite of services offered by Google. These services enable you to improve website visibility, ranking, performance and marketing results.

Our web developers can setup, configure and manage these products for you. We also offer consulting to train you on how to benefit form these Google business services. Learn more > >

Visitor Tracking & Live Chat

Would you like to identify companies that visit your site? Our site visitor tracking sends you an email that identifies many of the companies that visit your site. In many instances the notification provides names and contact information for key personnel.

Do you want to add a Live Chat to engage site visitors? Our live chat services enables visitors to ask questions, and gives you the opportunity to start a conversation. By answering questions, or guiding them to information they want, you can turn a site visitor into a lead.

Schema Markup

Schema markup is a specialized manner of website coding is integrated into your normal and required website coding. Schema can greatly improve your search engine rankings.

Schema markup language enables a search engines to better understand your business, your offering and connect your site to highly relevant internet users.

Schema markup is similar to, but vastly superior to, rich snippets.

WordPress website design and development.

We offer services for WordPress website development and optimizing WordPress websites. We utilize premium, responsive WordPress themes. We customize themes, including SEO techniques to provide exceptional page load times. Our ability to craft well-written content positively affects search engine rankings, user engagement times, and on-page conversions. We also offer premium website hosting services to further improve site ranking metrics.

Whether it's a new WordPress website or a rebuild of an existing website we offer extremely competitive prices for work done in the United States. If you're replacing or rebuilding a website you need to call us and learn how we protect your existing rankings in this endeavor. Most WordPress website designers do not understand the technical aspects of optimization and performance - we do.