Google Business Solutions Help

Google offers many free services which enable you to vastly improve your internet marketing efforts. We provide services to set-up and manage Google internet marketing products.

Creating Your Google Account

To set-up and use Google business solutions products you need to have a Google account. We can set-up and manage products in your existing Google account, or create a new account for you. Many clients prefer for us to set up a new account for their business, and keep their personal account as private.

Creating a new Google account for your business use is easy. When we do this we will create an account in your name, and provide you with the login information. You will effectively “own the account”.

After an account has been created, Google products may be added and managed. We can set-up products for you, including site verification, and placing scripts, meta tags or code snippets on your site.

We can help you with the following Google business solutions:

E-Platform Marketing is an internet marketing agency. Our company is not part of Google or Alphabet.

We provide help with Google business solutions products for businesses in the United States. Our technical support generally includes set-up and integration of Google business solutions into websites and third party SAS platforms. Our creative services includes Adwords YouTube, Google Places business page images and information. We do not manage copyright complaints, etc.

Popular Google Small Business Solutions

Google Search Console

Google Search Console - Webmaster ToolsThis is arguably the most important Google product you can use to advance and monitor your website’s health. Through a robust dashboard you can verify your site with Google, be informed of indexing or crawl problems, and discover opportunities for technical improvements.

Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager - manage scripts, schema markup, htaccess, and more.This is an advanced tool for improving load times of website pages, and making it easier to manage code snippets and scripts. Your internet marketing company adds the code to every page of your website, and its functions are controlled from within the Tag Manager dashboard.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics - website performance metrics and data.This is an absolute must-have for any business website. Analytics provides you with user metrics including traffic counts, sources and page level metrics. The information you find in Analytics can help you to improve the user experience, and learn how people engage with your website.


Google+ Social Media on Google+Google+ is a social media site for posting content similar to what you would do on Facebook. Social signals help with organic SEO, and Google+ is a great tool to work on brand development. When your Google+ account is active we can add the icon and link to your website.

Google Places

Google Places for Business - Local Search ListingThis is where you create and manage your local search business listing on Google search results. You can claim an existing listing or create a new listing, add complete business information, business photos, and customize your main page image. This is the number one thing you can do to improve your local search marketing visibility.

YouTube Channel

YouTube for Video Content MarketingYouTube is the best platform for video content marketing. We can create and customize your own YouTube channel, optimize and publish your videos, and add YouTube videos to your website. Video marketing improves branding and organic rankings. When your YouTube channel is active we can add the icon and link to your website.

Common Google Issues & Tasks We Can Manage