Yahoo Advertising

Explore a lower cost blend of paid search marketing services. Although a second tier paid search advertising platform, you can reach more potential customers using Yahoo Advertising & Yahoo Search Marketing.

Yahoo Advertising

Yahoo Advertising - Paid Search Advertising on Yahoo.Yahoo Advertising Solutions include types of online advertising that offer unique ways to reach your target audience. Yahoo boasts of having a network with over 160 million unique searchers each month. There are cost effective opportunities to find new customers on Yahoo.

Yahoo advertising is now promoted in 5 different ways.

Yahoo Search Advertising

Yahoo Gemini blends search and native ads to increase brand visibility and reach potential buyers.

Yahoo Premium Ads

Yahoo premium ads offer you the opportunity to have placement at lower costs than Adwords. The process for creating, placing, managing and measuring advertising is relatively easy. Premium ads can improve branding and revenue.

Yahoo Native Ads

Yahoo native ads are served to viewers on smart phones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers. Ads appear in content streams, apps and online magazines. Native ads are automatically generated which makes it an easy way to advertise.

Yahoo Video Ads

Yahoo claims to reach more people than other video content ad solution. Yahoo promotes its ability to use data and special targeting technology to help your business stay in touch with your target audience.

Yahoo Audience Ads

Yahoo leverages the power of a rich data set to optimize matching ads to prospects. Through data collection across search, app usage, purchases, registrations and more, Yahoo has a good idea of who would be interested in your company.

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Yahoo Advertising Cost

Yahoo Search Marketing Pricing

Yahoo advertising pricing offers an affordable alternative to Google Adwords. The cost per click on this network is typically much less than on Google.

In any event you are in full control of how much you spend. You have the ability to set a daily spend level (daily budget). You also set a maximum amount that you are willing to pay for a click on each of your keywords.

How much does it cost?

For the average business, Yahoo Advertising paid search advertising pricing should be budgeted at $300 to $700 per month.

Yahoo! Search Marketing Help

To learn more or get help you can contact Yahoo and request a follow up from a Yahoo Search Marketing professional.