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Digital Marketing Positions

We are always interested in speaking with career minded, talented people. A good fit for us is a person who is positive, self-motivated, honest and hardworking with a true passion for our business, and traditional American values. If this is you, we encourage you to Contact Us with your resume' and letter of interest. Please include any information that you believe would be help us to better understand your capabilities.

Compensation may be hourly, salary, or commission based plans. Performance based bonuses, insurance and other benefits may be available. Depending upon the needs of the business, open positions may be made available as part-time, full-time, or independent contractors.

Job Openings vary, however we are always interested in being contacted by prospective employees. We may hire from information on file instead of advertising open positions. The availability of job descriptions is for the consideration of prospective employees, and does not infer the existence of any current openings.

Basic Expectations are to be very good at your job, sincerely care about our clients success, continuously work on self improvement, be honest and responsible, have a very good work ethic, contribute to a positive work environment and lead by example.

Family First is a core belief within our company. We allow our people to attend to family needs. We encourage our people to attend their children's school events, get timely medical and dental appointments, and otherwise handle normal personal affairs. We still expect assigned work to be completed in a timely manner but offer flexibility in work schedules.

Types of Positions in Our Agency

Search Marketing Manager

Location: Kennesaw, GA ‐ Reports to: President. Requires minimum 5 years managing teams of at least 10 direct reports, and 50 clients. Must be a positive spirited person with strong leadership skills. Compensation: Salaried position + Bonus potential.

Sales Consultant

Location: Any City USA ‐ Reports to: Director of Sales. Minimum 5 years outside sales experience related to internet marketing and/or advertising. Requires exceptional people skills, work ethic, honesty. Compensation: Base + commission.

Senior Website Designer

Location: Kennesaw, GA ‐ Reports to: Creative Director. Minimum 8 years in web design. Requires working knowledge of responsive design, schema markup, UX and UE best practices. Prefer some understanding of Google tag manager, analytics and implementing on-page optimization. Works closely with SEO specialists and Content specialists. Compensation: Hourly position.

SEO Specialist

Location: Kennesaw, GA ‐ Reports to: Search Marketing Manager. Minimum 5 years in SEO. Requires knowledge of Google Page Speed Insights, Schema markup, ethical link building, content marketing and best practices (on-page and off-page) for Google and Bing. Prefer working knowledge to identify and correct black-hat work affecting new clients. Works closely with web design team to implement on-page optimization. Compensation: Hourly position.

PPC Specialist

Location: Kennesaw, GA ‐ Reports to: Search Marketing Manager. Minimum 3 years actively managing PPC accounts with monthly spends ranging from $1,000 - $15,000. Requires certification in Google Adwords and Bing Ads. Prefer working knowledge of Facebook and LinkedIn paid search advertising. Compensation: Hourly position.

Local Search Specialist

Location: Kennesaw, GA ‐ Reports to: Search Marketing Manager. Minimum 3 years local SEO experience, Requires working knowledge of Google My Business and Bing Places listings, citation building (manual and working with third party services/vendors). Compensation: Hourly position.

Social Media Specialist

Location: Kennesaw, GA ‐ Reports to: Search Marketing Manager. Minimum 3 years of social media marketing. Requires ability to create and manage custom SMM strategies. Works closely with content marketing specialists. Compensation: Hourly position.

Content Marketing Specialist

Location: Kennesaw, GA ‐ Reports to: Search Marketing Manager. Minimum 3 years content marketing. Requires ability to create well-crafted articles and manage high-performing content marketing campaigns. Works closely with website designers, SEO specialists, and social media marketing specialists. Compensation: Hourly position.

Important Notices

We seek people who bring enthusiasm and a solid set of skills. We want to hire people who help us remain a top digital marketing agency in the USA.

Drug Testing is a required part of our pre-employment process. Random drug screening is done as part of our efforts to maintain our qualifications as a Drug Free Workplace.

Background Checks are also part of the pre-employment process. This may include criminal arrests, personal reference, job history, and other info.

Work Eligibility will be verified through the federal government's E-Verify website. You must be a U.S. citizen or provide proof of legal residency and ability to work to be considered for employment.

Right To Work laws are supported by our company. We are a non-union workplace which allows individuals to advance on the merits of their performance, as opportunities arise.

Our Work Environment

We have an upbeat and fun work environment. Be serious about your work and enjoy working with your team members. Laughter and smiles yes, negativity no.

Our company is a drug free workplace. We do pre-employment and random drug testing.

Our dress code promotes professional yet casual attire for general work day. Business casual attire is required for client meetings.

Be a friendly and responsible person. Go above and beyond to take care of clients. Lead by example, help your team members, and strive to exceed expectations.

Disclaimer Notice

Information on this page does not directly or indirectly imply that there are any job openings currently available with our agency.

Persons accepted for consideration of employment will be required, as directed under federal law, to complete an I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification. An I-9 is required only after a formal job offer has been made by us to a prospective employee.

Our hiring practices are in full compliance with State and Federal laws. Specifically, but not limited to laws regarding:

Interested in Employment?

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