Digital Marketing Services

Digital Marketing Services

An Atlanta digital marketing agency founded in 2002. We offer SEO, local SEO, website design, PPC management, content marketing, and more.

Digital Marketing Services

Digital Marketing Services in USAFor over two decades we've helped a wide range of businesses across the USA to prosper with our strategic digital marketing programs.

What makes us so successful? Our real-world, client-side business sets us apart from the typical digital marketing company. Our extensive business experience empowers us create highly-effective bottom-line focused solutions. We truly understand how marketing supports sales plans, and drives targeted growth.

The value of our business experience

The typical website design or SEO company hypes features and touches on benefits. What they lack is an understanding of the role that professional marketing serves in an overall business plan and sales plan. They do not have the senior business and leadership experience to help you create a larger growth plan.

Our agency knows how to get a new company off to a great start. We know how to help an established company increase revenue, capture market share, penetrate new markets, and generally get more from their marketing budgets. Of significant importance, is our ability to work with you to develop a sales process, train sales people, and build effective sales teams. Our clients have the opportunity to tap into an incredible pool of business acumen.

We know how to create a unified sales and marketing powerhouse. If you're going to hire an agency, don't you want the agency that brings the highest value? Partner with us and you'll quickly discover that we bring a lot to the table.

What Are Digital Marketing Services?

Digital Marketing Services is a top-level term covering various tactics, channels, and platforms used to promote or advertise a business on the internet. The traditional term for digital marketing services is Search Engine Marketing, also known as SEM.

Examples of digital marketing services are SEO, PPC advertising, social media, local search marketing, content marketing, email marketing, and directory listings. As your digital marketing agency we learn about your business objectives, create an exact-fit marketing strategy, and develop the best digital marketing services to achieve success.

How a digital marketing agency helps to grow your business

As business professionals we understand the importance of targeted lead generation. We know how to drive sales in a way that truly serves the needs of the client organization. We value quality over quantity.

Digital marketing strategies for specific business growth

We know how to generate leads for high margin products and services, steady cash flow, inventory management, and seasonal opportunities. We know how to grow a territory and market share, build brand recognition, and manage competitive pressure.

High performing strategies are rooted in business acumen

Can you really get the best digital marketing results from people who have never started a business, held senior management positions, or at least had bottom-line responsibility? We encourage you to contact us to explore how our real-world business experience can help your business flourish.

What are the best digital marketing services? The true answer is that it is all relevant to what your business needs. There are numerous types of services, campaigns, and tactics for digital marketing. Any of these services can be customized to fit your needs and budget.

With most clients, there are services that need to be continually in play, while other services are used as needed to achieve specific goals and objectives.

Our digital marketing agency provides results focused strategic digital marketing consulting, planning, design, development, and management of online advertising and internet marketing assets.

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Top Digital Marketing Services

As your digital marketing agency you can rely on us to create and manage a program that works for you. Our popular digital marketing services are:

Website Design & Development

Website Design vs Development? While many agencies see these as separate functions, we view them as the core parts of the same service. A website has to satisfy three primary objectives:

  1. Functional Integrity. Your website must be mobile-friendly (aka, responsive, dynamic, etc.) to render properly on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices. It must also render properly in popular browsers. It is also very important to have a website that has a very fast page load times. We are extremely proficient at all of these practices. Our typical website loads in less than one second, many as low as 300ms.
  2. Technical Optimization. Technical optimization is the backbone of SEO as it facilitates a positive relationship between your website and search engines. Leveraging best practices for page titles, descriptions, Schema markup, link titles, image alt tags, and other detail elements truly makes your website search engine friendly.
  3. Engage and Convert Visitors. After achieving competitive ranking (visibility) the finishing touch is an attractive design, engaging and persuasive content, and well developed calls-to-action. This part is all about converting visitors into customers.

SEO - Website Search Engine Optimization

We are SEO experts! We have a well-developed methodology for improving ranking for relevant, high-value search terms. This improve both the volume and quality of website traffic. We use only white-hat methods for highly-effective and sustainable on-page optimization and off-page optimization.

We leverage current best digital marketing practices, targeting keywords and long-tail phrases to find and engage the right kind of traffic. Our SEO experts can create and implement a customized SEO strategy that works with your budget and objectives.
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Local Search Engine Optimization

Local SEO is a crucial part of a digital marketing strategy for any business that needs local customers. Improving local search visibility to reach nearby online searchers is one of the best ways to grow your business.

From creating and optimizing local search engine listings, directory and citation sites, to map listings and voice search activation, you need local SEO. In addition to reaching customers doing near me searches to find a nearby business, local SEO also improves search engine organic ranking.
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PPC Advertising Management

Reach more customers using our PPC advertising management for Google Ads, Microsoft Advertising (Bing Ads), and Facebook advertising. Spend money wisely - use the most targeted and cost effective form of advertising.
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E-Mail Marketing

E-mail marketing campaigns can build branding and drive sales. A well-targeted commercial messages, sales promotions, and advertising can have a near immediate impact on your business.
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Content Marketing

With strategic creation and publishing of blog articles, videos, and press releases you can engage a targeted audience with information that they want for pre-purchase decision making.
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Social Media Marketing

Leveraging social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, and more can build brand awareness, engage potential customers, and boost your vital customer retention rate.
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Benefits of Search Marketing

Your SEM strategy should be created and managed with specific goals in mind. What your business needs has determines what needs to be done, the appropriate methods, timing, duration, and style.

Clients choose our agency because we know how to plan, manage, and improve:

  • REACH: expand your online footprint
  • TARGETING: engage relevant prospects
  • CONVERSIONS: increase users responses
  • REVENUE: increase sales and margins
  • PROMOTIONS: drive specific types of sales
  • BRANDING: being a first-in-mind choice
  • PR & REVIEWS: control your reputation
  • MARKET SHARE: drive growth and stability
  • LAUNCHES: introduce products & services
  • PRESERVATION: survive economic downturns

What Is Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing (abbreviated as SEM) is a general term for the strategies, techniques, and services of internet marketing that improve and increase online visibility. Additionally, SEM can provide enhancements that drive other critical goals such as more website visitors, conversions, reviews, and sales.

SEM services are used to expand and improve online visibility, ranking, and lead generation. SEM services can boost search engine placements, local search listings, maps listings, paid search advertising, reviews management, and more.

The best SEM services utilize a customized strategy with a fluid mix of services that support a common objective of establishing a highly competitive online presence and good ROI.

Customized SEM services are a critical success factor for any search marketing strategy. Hiring a full-service digital marketing agency facilitates having a program with consistency in targeting, voice, and purpose. Don't rely on advertising salespeople to make critical decisions for your business - work with an agency driven by seasoned, senior-level sales and marketing professionals.