Competitive Advantage

Marketing Advantage

Learn about the unique competitive edge we have over most digital marketing companies. Explore what makes us a smart choice.

We're True Business Professionals

We have a very distinct marketing advantage from which our clients benefit. Our advantage, and competitive edge, is our extensive real-world business experience, business and marketing education. You will benefit from our decades of marketing experience.

How do our clients benefit from our real-world business experience? We make better decisions because we truly understand what a business needs. We know how to position and promote a business in a manner that drives sales in a relevant, practical, and timely manner.

Our well-developed business acumen enables us to deliver exceptional results for our clients because we know what matters, why it matters, and how to get it done. We are true professionals.

Compare Us to Our Typical Competitors

The value of our business experience is that our clients are not burdened with an agency that requires coaching and hand-holding to get things done. We are highly self-motivated and get things done.

We are staffed with experienced business people who have had bottom-line accountability. We know our work directly impacts the success of our clients and work hard to bring that success.

We've Earned Our Place

The strength of our business knowledge is found at the top of the organization, and filters throughout our agency. Agency president, Jim Hobson, holds a degree in Marketing and has over 35 years real-world business experience. His sales and marketing experience includes entrepreneurship, mid and senior-level management positions with small businesses, professional practices, and Fortune 500 advertising companies.

He has a history of bringing success to small start-ups, emerging companies needing faster growth, financially troubled turnaround situations, buyout transitions, and new market development.

Other key personel hold degrees in Journalism, Business Management, and Finance. Their experience includes working for small businesses up to The Home Depot, Cox Communications, and Bellsouth Advertising & Publishing.

This breadth of experience gives our agency an understanding and perspective most other agencies can't bring to the table. Our clients get to work with people who understand the needs of a business.

One of Atlanta's First Internet Marketing Companies

E-Platform Marketing was established in 2002 and quickly became a local leader for website design and online marketing. The digital marketing agency evolved from Get Real Sales & Marketing which was a well-established traditional marketing and advertising agency. Now, over two decades later, we've established a nationwide footprint yet maintained our personal approach to working with our clients.

Sensible Solutions With Integrity

We're Ethcial and Pragmatic

In the many years of working through various management styles, corporate cultures and business practices we developed strong opinions about how to provide practical value and personable customer service.

A founding objective was to deliver corporate-quality professional services at a reasonable cost. We believe that client satisfaction thrives when enthusiasm, creativity and integrity dominate over aggressive selling and agency-client posturing. We strive to be down-to-earth, and and put the best interests of our clients at the forefront of every decision.

Small to Mid-sized Business Often Have Problematic Options for Their Marketing Needs - and Suffer From It

  1. Corporate Advertising Companies (yellow pages and directory sites) primarily concerned with revenue generation rather than making certain customers actually receive meaningful results.
  2. Do-it-yourself, freelancers, friends, or family members with minimal real-world business experience or practical marketing knowledge.
  3. The me-too agencies with limited technical skills, a lot of happy-talk, and no real business knowledge. WordPress tweakers pushing clients through a maze of uninspired services.
  4. Foreign outsouring. Don't do it. Friends don't let friends hire foreign outsourced work.

You Deserve Better, and You've Now Discovered a Great Option

We're Different . . . In a Good Way.

The realization that most small and mid-sized businesses have no reliable and cost-effective options for their marketing needs was what prompted the founding of E-Platform Marketing, LLC. For over 20 years we've consistently delivered meaningful, positive marketing results in a cost-effective manner.

Today, we're still successful with the same mindset and dedication to treating clients like friends. Our people work every day to maintain the original vision of providing professional quality work that serves the best interest of our clients.

We offer a wide range of digital marketing services to design, develop and promote a robust online presence.

We are not a low-priced agency, however; we are certainly a leader in value and quality for clients who want measurable, positive results.

Contact us to discuss how our real-world business experience and technical skills can make your business a market leader!