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Yahoo Native Advertising

Native Ads management services using cost-effective strategies to target a highly relevant audience, generate leads, and maximize your ROI.

Yahoo Advertising

Yahoo Gemini PPC Ads logo for Yahoo AdvertisingYahoo has joined forces with advertising network giant Taboola. Consequently, Yahoo closed-down it's Gemini Native Ads platform.

Per a press release on the Taboola website, "The partnership brings Taboola to Yahoo’s iconic digital properties, which reach nearly 900 million monthly active users worldwide across mail, sports, finance and news. Coupled with Taboola’s reach among 9,000+ publisher partners and 500M active users a day, this deal gives brands massive scale to reach consumers in Yahoo’s trusted editorial environments, while also providing greater contextual data to reach consumers.

About Buying Yahoo Ads

As of late last year, advertisers can leverage the full portfolio of Yahoo sites including Yahoo Mail, Yahoo Sports, Yahoo Finance and Yahoo News. Additionally, having joined with the Taboola Ads network Yahoo Ads now have the capability of worldwide reach.

Yahoo Native Advertising pay per click advertising functions essentially like Google Ads, although reaching a much smaller audience. Our Yahoo PPC specialists can create custom campaigns to that are consistent with your current paid search advertising strategy.

Yahoo Advertising Help

We offer full-service PPC advertising management . Our Yahoo Advertising professionals can create and manage your PPC advertising program. From keyword research, creating campaigns and writing ad copy, to cost-control and landing pages, we have you covered.

Short-run PPC Burst Campaigns are a unique service we offer. If you have seasonal demands, grand openings, or other short-term needs we offer limited run time programs. Our short-run burst campaigns are popular with service businesses such as:

  • Landscape Companies for seasonal aeration, grass seeding, seasonal flowers, etc.
  • Carpet Cleaners for the high-demand holiday season house cleaning specials.
  • DUI Lawyers tapping into the holiday related surges in DUI arrests.

Yahoo Advertising Pricing

Paid search advertising on the Yahoo/Taboola network typically costs less than using Google Ads to reach potential customers.

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