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Wordpress Website Design

We're a Wordpress website design company in the USA that includes SEO services, security hardening, and Wordpress developer services.

Wordpress Website Designers

As a Wordpress website design company we have over 15 years experience. We offer comprehensive Wordpress web design services including design, copy writing, graphics and images. We include SEO best practices in every website.

We are a top Wordpress website agency for small to mid-sized business website project. Whether it is a new business website, website redesign, or simply modifications, we can help you. We can create a new website while your existing website remains online.

USA Wordpress Designers

We are located in metro Atlanta, Georgia, and this is where our projects are done. We do not outsource any work to foreign countries. We work with clients across the United States.

Whether it's a new Wordpress website or a rebuild of an existing website we offer extremely competitive prices for work done in the United States. If you're redesigning a website you need to call us. We know how to preserve inbound links, protect your existing rankings, and improve website security.

What is the cost of Wordpress website design? You can install the Wordpress platform for free, and use a free Wordpress theme (template) to create a website. However, it is unrealistic to expect to create an effective business website at no cost. So, how much will it cost? On average, a small business Wordpress website will cost around $2,500 to $5,000. This includes Wordpress hosting with SSL security, Wordpress app setup, a mobile-friendly quality theme and installation, plugins installation, copy writing, Level I SEO, and full launch services.

Beware of misleading offers. Online offers of Wordpress website design for $149 are very misleading. For such a low price you will get a very primitive site, and then be hit with extra charges to properly build a business website.

Our Hybrid Sites - A Better Solution

Are you certain you want a Wordpress website? In full disclosure, Wordpress is not our first recommendation for a business website. We strongly recommend having an HTML website for non-ecommerce needs. For content marketing and e-commerce needs we can build a hybrid site using HTML and Wordpress. This provides you with a faster loading website to boost Google ranking, and provide functionality for article content marketing.

If Google ranking matters to you, ask about our hybrid websites. Our hybrid websites are vastly superior to the common Wordpress website (even if it is promised to be "optimized").

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Wodpress website designers and developers

What is Wordpress?

Wordpress is an open source publishing platform originally developed for individuals for blogging. WordPress evolved into a website design platform often used for business websites. Wordpress designers can create customized websites with built in content management systems (CMS).

A basic Wordpress website is relatively easy to launch. Special add-on tools, called Wordpress plugins make it easier to expand functionality. Major Wordpress website customizing requires the skills of Wordpress website developers and SEO experts.

Problems With Wordpress

Wordpress makes it easier, especially for people who cannot write code, to add content, make text revisions, and post articles. However, Wordpress problems can drive you crazy. The most common issues in using a Wordpress website include:

  • Site Management: you will need to update your version of Wordpress, plugins, PHP version, and make site backups. Sometimes, updates can break your site.
  • SEO Challenges: Page load times are a critical part of Google's ranking algorithm. Wordpress requires bloated code which causes unacceptable page load times, resulting in lower rankings.
  • Plugin Issues: Plugins are very helpful when they work. Some combinations of plugins can cause a site to break. Some plugins have security vulnerabilities. Some developers stop updating plugins, and they will eventually stop working.
  • Hacking Security: Wordpress website security vulnerabilities create a constant threat of hacking. Hardening a Wordpress website helps but you will have to actively monitor your site.

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Wordpress Website Design

Wordpress Website Design

Wordpress Website Design

Wordpress Website Design

Wordpress Website Design

Wordpress Website Design

Wordpress Website Design