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Apple Maps Business Listing

Apple Maps listing services to create and improve your local search visibility on Apple Maps and mobile device voice searches.

Apple Maps Business Listing

What is Apple Maps?

Apple Maps is a feature on iOS devices (Apple devices, iPads, iPhones, etc.) which connects local businesses to nearby shoppers. Having your business listed and shown to customers using Apple devices (Siri voice searches) is an easy way to get more customers.

This is a relatively easy way to improve your Local Search Marketing services

How does it work? For users, Apple Maps displays a list of the places users may want to visit, and shows the user directions to any of these locations with just a tap. For a business, simply create your listing and enjoy the benefits of being discovered.

How to Get Business Listed on Apple Maps

"How to get my business on Apple Maps?", is a common question. The first step to get listed on Apple Maps is to go to the Apple Business Register. On this page you can search for your business and claim it. If your business is not already listed, you will have the opportunity to create a new Apple Maps listing.

If you do not have an Apple ID you can register for free and begin the process. Be sure to keep your ID and password as you will need it to login later for updates and revisions.

How to Update Apple Maps Business Listing

Keeping your Apple Maps listing up to date is very important. You have two options to edit an Apple Maps business listing:

1. If you find a business listing with an error in the information shown, you can submit a suggested revision. To do this you need to click on Edit Place Details and enter your update recommendation. Apple will review the submission and make a decision on whether or not to edit the current profile.

2. For any business listing that you have claimed, you can visit the Apple Maps Connect website page to login and manage your claimed profiles.

Benefits of Claiming Your Profile

The most immediate benefit, and the most important benefit, is that your business can be easily found by people using the Safari search engine, Maps on any Apple device, Siri and Spotlight.

It should be easy to recognize that an Apple Maps listing puts your business in front of a massive number of potential customers every day.

After claiming your Apple business listing and profile you can be notified about new Maps features. As new features are introduced you may find opportunities to better optimize your Apple Maps listing.

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