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Creating directory business listings and citation building are a critical part of improving your local search presence and search engine ranking.

Directory Listing and Citations

We offer services to create, claim, optimize, and manage local search business listings, and online reviews platforms. Our manual citation building allow the answer for how to improve visibility on local search results.

What are Citations and Business Listings?

Online business listings and citations, in terms of SEO, are the same thing. Citations are business listings or company profiles that feature information about a business. Examples of citation sites, beyond your basic yellow pages directory style sites, are highly reputable sites such as Manta, BBB, Crunchbase, Yelp and others.

Almost all of these sites offer a free listing. It's worth noting that, if you do these manually, it will take about 30-45 minutes per site. Each site requires you to have an "account" to create a listing, or claim an existing listing. There are a number of citation sites where the only way to claim or create a listing is through a national service. Fortunately, the citation sites forcing you to use a service such as Yext are often low-value sites. There are plenty of quality citation websites, so missing a few low-value sites is nothing to worry over.

Skip the corporate business listing services. For several years we were a Yext Certified Partner. Initially it was a good way to manage client accounts. After a few years, and a lot of frustrating experiences, we dropped Yext. Our in-house proprietary process for directory and citation building is superior to any of the corporate business listing services we've researched.

How do citations help my business?

Expanding your online presence and visibility. This means that visitors to local search platforms can find your business. In addition to citation sites you also need to create Google Map listing and create Apple Map listings.

Improve search engine ranking. Google and other search engines crawl citation sites and business directory sites. Search engines then compare the business information to better understand the business. For this reason, it is extremely important for all of the citation sites to have the same information (name, address, phone, etc.) When search engines find and associate consistent information about a company the search engine assigns greater trust in the business (think better ranking!). (With some special website coding you can fully leverage the value of citations for SEO.)

Citation Building

Citation building is an element of local search engine optimization which improves online visibility for local consumers. Citation building is a specialized local SEO service focused on increasing the number of directory or business listing websites where your business may be found. Our services make certain that you have specific listings with information that is accurate, complete, and consistent.

Directory Business Listings

Directory business listings are generally the yellow pages style websites. Among these are B2C and B2B websites that have comprehensive lists of local businesses. Relative to improving SEO, many of the directory sites offer a chance to have a high-quality backlink to your website. As with citation building, your directory listings need to have your business information that is accurate, complete, and consistent.

Need a faster and easier way to create and manage local business listings? As an Atlanta Local SEO Agency we offer a customized manual services to develop quality online business profiles.

How many listings and citations do you need? We can start you off with a bundle of 50 high-value core listings, From there, our manual citation building and business listing service can boost your local search visibility with listings on hundreds of other business listing sites.

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