SEO Pricing

SEO Pricing

SEO Pricing should be based on the specific types of SEO services (hours) required, based on a professional assessment.

What Do SEO Services Cost?

We take a slightly unique approach in providing SEO services. Firstly, we don't use the typical common, one-size-fits-all "Bronze, Silver, Gold" SEO price packages. The problem with SEO packages is they always include things you don't need, and do not include things you do need. SEO Packages exist as a sales ploy to chase three popular price points. It's the same way fast food stores sell meals.

Our SEO Agency Pricing: We recognize that the needs and situations of any two clients are never the same. Ethical SEO pricing represents quality, customized services that meet the needs of the client. We can discuss this more during a FREE SEO Consultation.

SEO is not a product or commodity. Every website has different optimization needs. When you see ads like SEO for $299 the seller is chasing a price point. It is impossible to offer a one-size-fits-all flat rate pricing for optimization. Simply put, you don't just buy SEO.

How do you get affordable SEO services? SEO work that doesn't yield significant positive results is worthless. What you need to do is define the optimization services needed to achieve your online objectives. Create a line-item estimate, determine hours for each line item, and arrive at a total price. Next, determine your monthly budget, divide that into the estimate dollar total. The resulting number is how many months it will take to complete a proper SEO program within your monthly budget.

SEO needs will always change. External factors such as Google algorithm changes and competitor marketing efforts may require further SEO services. Additional optimization work will definitely be necessary to address changes within your business such as new products, services, target markets, etc.

Cost Effective SEO Solutions

Our SEO services are priced based on the needs of each client and the hours of work we provide. Our scalable approach to SEO services means we can work with any budget. We offer customized, scalable SEO services. Our search engine optimization pricing is then determined according to your budget and the scope-of-work. New client onboarding requires a substantial amount of front-end work so we do require a minimum 3-month commitment. Our minimum monthly rate is $1,000 USD.

Our SEO Services and Costs

  • Single Engagement Service in which we start with an assessment of your present SEO situation. We then prepare a proposal with a flat-rate cost and a defined scope-of-work. If there are budgeting issues, we can prioritize the optimization work and scale the scope-of-work and cost to be within budget. Any unattended SEO work can be done at a later date.
  • Monthly Services which typically is a custom hybrid program with multiple services executed in a fluid manner. The objective is to build-out a robust online presence and generate leads. Typically this approach includes organic SEO, local search SEO, content marketing, and social media marketing. PPC advertising management can be included.
  • Flex Pay Services is available for clients who experience seasonal fluctuations (i.e., landscapers, etc.) in their business and cash flow. An example of a flex-pay program is providing services for 12 months with the payments confined to 9 months. This allows for steady visibility to pursue customers while easing the burden of low cash flow months.

How to Get Started

Let's chat for a few minutes. Contact us online or give us a call at 770-429-5300.

Enjoy a no-pressure consultation with an SEO expert to answer your questions, and learn about your business including your objectives, internal needs, competitive situation, and digital marketing history. We can provide you with an initial estimate for our SEO services.

Things to Know About Us

  • 20+ years SEO experience
  • Located in Kennesaw, GA
  • No foreign outsourcing
  • Serving clients across the USA
  • Experienced real-world business people
  • Competitive prices for quality work
  • Long term contracts not required
  • Flexible monthly rates

Types of Clients We Serve

  • Local Service Companies
  • Lawyers and Law Firms
  • Health Care Providers
  • Industrial Companies
  • Big Box Retailers
  • Manufacturing Companies
  • Municipalities & Schools
  • Franchise Operations
  • Food Service & Hospitality

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