SEO for Perplexity AI

Perplexity AI SEO

SEO for Perplexity AI involves well-crafted content, a high degree of technical optimization, and a thorough understanding of SEO best practices for AI driven search engines.

SEO for Perplexity AI

Perplexity AI search engine logo Per the Perplexity AI home page, " the new AI search engine "unlocks the power of knowledge with information discovery and sharing". Per Wikipedia, "Perplexity AI is a conversational search engine that answers queries using natural language predictive text. Launched in 2022, Perplexity generates answers using the sources from the web and cites links within the text response."

Is Perplexity AI worth SEO attention? Industry experts believe that Perplexity AI will become a serious rival to Google.

(SEO) is often about making small modifications to parts of your website. When viewed individually, these changes might seem like incremental improvements. When combined with other optimization methods, they could have a significant impact on your website's performance in organic search results and visitor conversions."

Optimization for the Perplexity AI Search Engine

Website optimization for Perplexity AI includes a unique approach to content optimization, technical optimization, and off-page SEO factors. It's worth noting that AI generated content does not provide any particular advantage for ranking on Perplexity.

Here is a quick rundown of these three areas of Perplexity AI SEO:

SEO Foundation Elements

Site & Content SEO for Perplexity AI

Website optimization begins with a well-planned site architecture and page topics. Pages should have appropriate names and built in a silo structure. Page content should be unique, informative, and helpful. The core idea is to have a website that is easy to navigate and provides helpful information. A website and pages should be easy for users to find informtion, and easy for search engines to crawl for indexing.

Types of content that Perplexity AI prefers well-written text copy, relevant non-stock photos, informative graphics, and possibly video content. Having positive customer reviews, on-page and off-page, is always beneficial.

We know how to optimize original content for an AI driven search engine and avoid common mistakes made by less experienced SEO companies. This also applies to content marketing.

Technical SEO for Perplexity Searches

Technical SEO, specifically Structured Data Schema Markup, helps Perplexity AI to understand and classify website pages. The best SEO services apply coding best practices to improve website page speed. When Perplexity AI recognizes great content and fast page load times the perception of a good user experience is a certainty. This results in improved ranking on Perplexity AI for highly relevant search queries.

Other technical elements are quality web hosting, SSL encryption, CDN services, image compression, next-gen images, caching policy, minify CSS/JS, and XML site maps.

Third-Party Services for SEO

You may have read about the need for off-page SEO. The term off-page SEO refers to things that improve search engine rankings but are not directly on your website. Perplexity AI considers many off-site ranking factors that convey a strong sense of a website's credibility, user value, subject expertise, and overall authority.

Perhaps the typical number one off-page SEO item is quality backlinks. For AI driven search engine it is also important to have credentials such as excellent reviews. This means business directory listings that allow reviews are an excellent source for link building strategies.

How to Optimize Google Business Profile

We offer local SEO services to create and optimize Google Business Profile listing. In order to optimize Google Business Profile listing information you first need to claim or create your business listing. When your listing is created and verified you can begin the optimization process. At minimum, you need to complete every possible field where you can enter information. Next you need to upload a logo and actual photos of your business. Do not use stock photos or copy images from other websites. Also, don't overlook your Google Maps listing. For help with a Google Business Profile or Google Maps listings, simply give us a call at 770-429-5300.

Tools & Resources

How well is your website optimized for Perplexity AI? Use these tools to evaluate and assess your website's SEO strength.

SEO Services Pricing

Firstly, we don't use the common one-size-fits-all "Bronze, Silver, Gold" SEO price packages. Our SEO services are priced based on the unique needs of your business and budget.

The problem with SEO packages is they include things you don't need, or do not include things you do need. Packages are typically created to arrive at "sellable price points".

Our SEO prices reflect the amount of time and expertise our agency provides. The needs and situation of any two clients are never the same. We match services to needs.

One-time SEO Projects are a popular option for clients with a limited budget. We can set a flat-rate cost for a defined scope-of-work. Again, the SEO services included are based on needs.

Our SEO approach is scalable, so we also work in phases as your budget allows.

Monthly SEO Services usually include a fluid mix of digital marketing services. Our scalable, hybrid programs can include organic SEO, local search SEO, content marketing, social media marketing, and more. You choose the mix and we do the rest.

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