Technical SEO

Technical SEO

Technical SEO helps search engine crawlers to better understand your website, and improve website page load times to get higher ranking.

Technical SEO Optimization

What is Technical SEO and Optimization?

Technical SEO refers to a process of optimizing website code to help search engines better understand your website. Technical SEO can improve ranking results positions and targeting. Technical SEO is an absolutely critical part of optimizing a website for mobile search results.

Technical SEO, specifically Structured Data Schema Markup, helps search engines to better understand information about your website. Technical SEO also applies to coding best practices to improve Google Pagespeed Insights scores. When Google recognizes great content and fast page load times the perception of a good user experience is a certainty. This results in improved ranking on Google for highly relevant search queries.

Technical SEO also applies to server-side opportunities to improve load times. Utilizing a content display network (CDN) is a prime example of server-side optimizing. Your web hosting needs a prompt response time. This is best accomplished with dedicated hosting vs. shared hosting. Shared hosting plans are the most common simply because shared hosting is far less costly than dedicated server hosting.

Other technical elements are quality web hosting, SSL encryption, image compression, next-gen images, htaccess file, minify CSS JS, and XML site map.

What Does Technical SEO Accomplish?

Faster Loading Pages Search engines, Google in particular, are very focused on user-experience. A critical component is fast page load times. Sites that load fast always outrank slow loading sites, especially for search results on mobile devices.

FACT: You will never get top Search engine rankings with a slow loading website.

Mobile First Indexing

In 2018, Google began favoring mobile-friendly designs (speed and rendering!) for top rankings. With Google's mobile-first indexing process, Google crawls and indexes the mobile version of your website pages to assess it's quality. Your website needs a fast load time on mobile devices.

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Technical SEO Checklist

Technical SEO requires knowledge of advanced SEO best practices and techniques. Here are the best technical SEO improvements for any website:

  • Optimized Site Architecture
  • Robots.txt File
  • .htaccess File
  • SSL Certificate (encryption)
  • DOCTYPE Language Declaration
  • XML Sitemap File
  • Schema Markup / Structured Data
  • Open Graph Meta Data
  • Geo Meta Tags
  • Breadcrumb Links
  • Canonical Meta Tag
  • Prefetch Meta Tag
  • Link Title Tags
  • Image Alt Tags
  • Image Compression
  • Next-Gen Images
  • Lazy Load Images
  • Code Minification
  • HTML Character Entities

Secondary Technical SEO

  • AMP Pages (Accelerated Mobile Pages)
  • CDN Hosting
  • Use Efficient Caching Policy
  • Reduce Unused CSS
  • Reduce Unused JS
  • Minify CSS & JS
  • Properly Size Images
  • Eliminate Render-Blocking Resources
  • Do Not Use Passive Listeners
  • Minimize HTTP Calls
  • Minimize Plugins (Wordpress)