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How to Stop Referrer Spam and Block Hackers Using HTACCESS File Permissions

How to Stop Referrer Spam and Block Hackers Using Your htaccess File

Protect Your Analytics and Ranking By Blocking Harmful Traffic You need to pay close attention to securing your hosting and website from referrer spam and hackers. This article discusses why you should take action, and how to use your htaccess file to block IP addresses. Blocking hackers and spammers is a key part of a website security plan. Why You Should Block Certain IP Adresses Referrer spam and hackers are enemies of internet marketing and…
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What Is Google Page Speed - Insights Tool

Google Page Speed

Google Page Speed Page speed generally refers to how fast a website page loads (renders). Google Page Speed is a direct reference to scores assessed by the Google Page Speed Insights tool. Why Page Speed Matters Page speed matters because it is a key in improving search engine rankings, time on site, and conversions. Relative to business websites, page speed is important for two very important reasons: Search Engine Rankings: Page load times are a…
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Keyword Research - Tips, Tools, Best Practices

Understanding Keyword Consistency

Understanding Keyword Consistency and How to Optimize Your Website Pages What is the difference between keyword density and keyword consistency? Keywords that you want to rank for must be both consistent and spread throughout the elements of your site. Both are important and must be well-balanced. Making your site consistent with keywords makes it easier for Google to crawl and index your site. It helps indicate to which category or topic your site belongs. How…
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Sucuri Vulnerability Alert - WP Statistics

SQL Injection Vulnerability in WP Statistics

Sucuri - WordPress Security Alert SQL Injection Vulnerability article was written by John Castro, a security analyst at the Sucuri Security Operations Group Sucuri is a world-class internet security organization. Sucuri is one of the very best security plug-ins and firewalls for a WordPress website. Sucuri provides public alerts for dangerous WordPress security risks. This alert concerns known risks with the WP Statistics plugin. As part of a vulnerability research project for our Sucuri Firewall,…
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