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Back-links. Articles with this tag include information related to link building and backlink management to improve SEO results.

Backlinks remain an important part of getting a website ranked. Obtaining legitimate, quality backlinks requires proper planning and smart work. Any new backlinks should be from websites that are relative to the site’s topic or purpose. These links should be acquired naturally, and any practices of “buying links” should be avoided. A good way to acquire quality links is with direct outreach (email, letter or phone call) to the administrator for other websites. With a compelling reason why they may want to link to you, it is possible to get the type of links you need.

Bad backlinks can hurt your search engine ranking. The flip side of link building is using Google’s Disavow Tool to disassociate your website with toxic backlinks. There are many reasons why your site may have toxic links – and most websites have some. SEO companies use specialized software to analyze a site’s backlink profile. An agency can find toxic links, and work with Google to mitigate problems they may be causing your website.

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