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GETTR, launched July 4, 2021, is a social media platform for American conservatives. It was created by Jason Miller to provide breaking political news stories, op-ed commentary, and insights not found in the biased mainstream media GETTR is promoted as “A Marketplace of Ideas”. The website’s welcome message is “A brand new social media platform founded on the principles of the free speech, independent thought and rejecting political censorship and “cancel culture”.”.

Immediately upon its launch, the new social media platform GETTR was received with great fanfare among political conservatives. As with many high-profile website launches, the initial rollout was plagued with brute-force hacking attempts from around the world. Per the Tech Crunch website, “The company is positioning itself as an alternative for anyone who believes that mainstream social networks are hostile to far-right ideas. Gettr’s website beckons new users with familiar Trumpian messaging: “Don’t be Cancelled. Flex Your 1st Amendment. Celebrate Freedom.”1 Obviously, Leftists everywhere are obsessing with a social media site that presents news that is counter to what they are being spoon-fed. The controversy stirred up by the left serves only to inspire more people on the Right to join this new platform.

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