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WordPress Security. Articles with this tag include information to help owners of websites learn more about security vulnerabilities, how to clean a hacked website or remove malware, and proactive measures to prevent hacking.

Most any type of website can be hacked. WordPress websites are the easiest to hack, and therfore are at the highest risk level. Hackers may place malware files throughout your website or server. They often hide scripts (action files) in various directories (folders), and sometimes add malicious code directly on website pages. Some hackers hijack contact forms to send high volumes of spam mail. There are numerous ways hackers get into a website or server. It is better to prevent hacking than try to troubleshoot and repair problems.

WordPress Security is a very important part of managing a WordPress website. Most website owners and managers do not understand the prevalance of hacking activty, or consider their sites to be at risk. A site does not need to be a well known blog or belong to a major coproration to be attractive to hackers. Every week Google will blacklist approximately 50,000 websites for phishingactivity, and blacklist another 20,000 for having malware. The majority of these are hacked sites, and the owners are unaware of the problems.