Tag: hardening wordpress

Hardening WordPress. Articles with this tag include information relative to hardening a WordPress website. Hardening is an industry term which refers to steps, measures and processes to “harden” the security aspects of a WP website. Hardening a WordPress website can involve special plugins, carefully developed htaccess files, setting proper file permissions, and utilizing best practices for WP user settings. A related action is implementing an SSL certificate on your domain.

Hardening a WordPress website is a very technical process that requires specialized knowledge and skills. Hiring a competent internet marketing company or WordPress developer are your best options to secure your website. The company you hire will need access to your hosting server, website files, and potentially need your authorization to buy an SSL certificate for your website. Some hardening measures, such as SSL or premium versions of plugins, will require (minor) annual renewal fees. As part of the hardening process, the vendor should analyze your website to confirm that there are no present hacking problems. If there are hacking problems there will be additional charges to “clean” the server or website files.

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