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Online Review Management Guide 2019

Online Review Management Platforms :: In 2019, few things can help your digital marketing efforts as much as building a volume of high-quality customer reviews and ratings. Learn how you can get more reviews, better reviews, and build a brand reputation that people can't resist. How Does Review Management Help Your Business? Review management serves to develop a brand that consumers trust. Consumer trust leads to more sales and customer loyalty. Bad reviews, whether or…
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Digital Advertising Improves Content Marketing Results

Using Digital Advertising to Improve Content Marketing Results

How to Improve Content Marketing with Digital Advertising This article offers tips to improve your content marketing strategy. Developing an integrated content marketing strategy is smart. Using digital advertising to promote content is brilliant. Content marketing requires a substantial time investment in research and article writing. This is followed by more time to post and curate content to reach and engage your target audience. But what do you do if your engagement metrics are lacking?…
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This Page Can't Load Google Maps Correctly

This Page Can’t Load Google Maps Correctly – Solved!

Google Maps Not Loading Correctly How to Fix "This Page Can’t Load Google Maps Correctly" Problem Is your website displaying the “This page didn’t load Google Maps correctly” error message instead of loading your Google Map image? This article will give you possible solutions to fix and resolve problems Google Maps not loading correctly due to API error handling. Website owners are increasingly seeing error messages where a Google maps should display. Correcting this error…
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Why You Need Social Media - How to Use Social Media for Business

Why You Need Social Media

 ### This article, written by Jacqui Frasca, and published in Cobb in Focus magazine features E-Platform Marketing. ###  How to Use Social Media for Business :: Before social media sites came along, a company’s only communication with its audience and customers was advertising. The influence of advertising has been studied extensively, but paid, wide-scale marketing is often tough to accomplish for many small businesses in their first couple of years, so in order to help expand customer…
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